Slab Leaks

Wet Floor? You May Have a Slab Leak.Our Expertise in Slab Leaks Will Keep Your Floor Safe in Cincinnati, OH and Northern Kentucky

Do you have visible water leaks in your floors or walls? Are you getting hit with high water bills? Then you may have a slab leak in your home. Slab leaks can be caused by factors such as improper installation or corrosion, particularly where hot water is concerned. The issue is more common than most people realize and can be easily fixed by calling on specialists. In such instances you need to call the experts from Midwestern Plumbing for fast, reliable and affordable service in Cincinnati, OH and Northern Kentucky.

Ignoring the problem will cause the damage to spread and can even lead to irreversible structural damage to your home and its foundation. So whether you suspect you have a slab leak or just want to be completely sure you can count on Midwestern Plumbing.

We service in Cincinnati, OH and Northern Kentucky 24/7 and will act fast to help you save money on your water bill and prevent property damage.

Concrete Wall with Leak

Midwestern Plumbing Offers Extensive Services

You can always expect consistent and extensive service from Midwestern Plumbing, whether you are in Cincinnati, OH or Northern Kentucky. We have years of expertise in a wide variety of slab repairs. In some rare instances we have performed dedicated work for extensive damage and slab replacements. While the cost of the slab repair for your home will vary according to the size of the gap, we will utilize our experience and training to offer slab repairs at unbeatable rates.

Advanced Leak Detection

As specialists in slab leaks we can use advanced techniques for repairing any damage.

Our expert plumbing team use advanced leak detection equipment and are equipped with the tools to fix any slab leaks, whether they are big, small, single or numerous.

Once we have detected the leak we will repair it without causing any damage to your property whatsoever. It is all part of our commitment to respecting our client’s home, privacy and schedule. Call us in Cincinnati, OH and Northern Kentucky for dedicated service today.

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