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About Midwestern PlumbingComplete Plumbing Services in Cincinnati, OH and Northern Kentucky

The experienced team at Midwestern Plumbing has developed the ability to work quickly without compromising the quality of our results. Servicing in Cincinnati, OH and Northern Kentucky, our plumbing services are completed with the utmost care and with thought given to reducing your personal inconvenience as much as possible.

With years of hands-on expertise and the latest technology, we provide lasting solutions.

About Midwestern Plumbing

Midwestern Plumbing's Mission Statement

At Midwestern Plumbing it is our mission to provide quality plumbing services to our community and to our builders through the use of time tested and innovated techniques.

We always strive to create and maintain the safest working environment possible for our employees and those that work alongside Midwestern Plumbing. Our goal is to provide the highest quality services possible while maximizing growth and return.

Safety First at Midwestern Plumbing

Safety is paramount for all services we provide to our customers in Cincinnati, OH and Northern Kentucky. To ensure our standards are upheld we have a full time OHSA-certified safety director on staff who oversees the safety of each job.

All employees are also kept aware of the importance of safety and undertake 10 hours of safety training, in addition to attending yearly safety seminars.

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Safety First at Midwestern Plumbing
Years of Experience at Midwestern Plumbing

Years of Experience at Midwestern Plumbing

Midwestern Plumbing has been providing reliable plumbing services to a range of customers in Cincinnati, OH and Northern Kentucky for years.

The business was first established in 1978 by Archie Wilson and Gene Hehenmann, who made the decision to leave their existing jobs and form a partnership. Originating as a small business, not unlike most start-ups, the team worked hard over many years to build the company, its clientele and its reputation as a dependable and competitive plumbing contractor. Focusing on the multi-family and commercial/industrial business, today Midwestern Plumbing employs between 60-80 plumbers with a variety of experience. This allows us to successfully complete jobs of any size or variation.

Customer Service is Our #1 Priority

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